About USMC Veteran Painting and Contracting

USMC Veteran Painting & Contracting is a Marine Corps veteran-owned and operated small business right here in Alexandria, VA. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve taken steps to go the “extra mile’ for our customers ensuring they are 100% satisfied with our high quality work. In addition ,we take pride in our service to our country and our commitment to better the lives of all veterans.

Check below to find out what these (and so many more) organizations are doing to assist the lives of the men and women who are our “True American Heroes”









For The Veteran

Specially Adapted Housing

What is the SAH Grant?

The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant helps veterans and service members who have service-connected disabilities construct and remodel homes to accommodate the property for use with disabilities. The grant is provided by the Veterans Administration to provide a barrier-free environment at home.

If you are experiencing personal physical limitations in your ability to fully utilize your home or property due to problems related to age, injury or disease, we work with you and your doctor to find solutions.

We are careful to create functional areas that blend in and enhance your home. We understand that at some point in the future you may decide it is time to sell your home.

Eligibility Requirements

The Veteran’s Administration has eligibility requirements for the SAH Grant:

  • Loss of or loss of use of legs, loss of or loss of use of both arms
  • Blindness in both eyes having only light perception, plus loss of or loss of use of one leg
  • The loss of or loss of use of one lower leg together with residuals of organic disease or injury
  • The loss of or loss of use of one leg together with the loss of or loss of use of one arm
  • Certain severe burns

In addition to the bullet points, the VA requires that you’re in a permanent living situation, meaning, the eligible Veteran both lives in and owns the home. An eligible Vet can use up to 3 grants, however the combined amount can’t surpass the maximum allowed dollar amount.

If you have any questions, contact us. We’re happy to help.

USMC Veteran Painting & Contracting offers a Variety of SAH Builder Services

Some of the items that we can install to ease your everyday life in your home include chair lifts, wheelchair-accessible shower stalls, front door/back door ramps, kitchens with lowered countertops and wheelchair-accessible sinks, as well as specially designed bathrooms that have all the aids you need to go about your day.

  • ADA Kitchen Design & Construction
  • ADA Bathroom Design & Construction
  • Wheelchair Accessible Ramps (Pressure Treated & Composite)
  • Accessible Ramps & Sidewalks
  • Walk-in Accessible Showers
  • Roll-in Zero Threshold Shower Entries/Enclosures
  • Handrails/ Grab Bars
  • Main Level Living Renovations & Additions
  • Door & Hallway Widening
  • Additional & Emergency Lighting
  • Comfort-high Toilets for easier Wheelchair Access, with Bidet Clean-up Features.
  • Vanities, Sinks and Counter Tops Designed for your use
  • Securely Place Grab Bars for your Security and Safety
  • Kitchen for Specific Needs
  • Lower Counter Tops and Sinks to a Comfortable Height for your use
  • Lower Wall Ovens to Improve your Ability to use them
  • Install Wide, Full Depth, Easy Roll-out Shelves in your Cabinets for Better Access
SAH Grants Cover a Wide Range of Remodeling Projects

The VA SAH grant program covers improvements to many aspects of your home, including the exterior.

  • Concrete walkways can be installed, connecting the front of your home to the back yard.
  • Lower railings can be included along your front porch, and new, larger doors can be installed throughout the home.
  • Garages are also part of the Specially Adapted Housing grant;
  • Custom Home Elements can create ramps to the main floor of your home, and/or install easily accessed shelving for your hobbies and/or crafts.

Navigating the paperwork for the VA SAH grant can be arduous and difficult – we can help you with the task, as we have plenty of experience in the process. Click here to contact us or give us a call at 571-551-6056.

Payment Options Coming Soon

Check back soon for our various payment options and financing.

Easy and Flexible Payment Options for Your Project

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